31 Zoom Backgrounds your coworkers will be drooling over

5 min readMar 29, 2020


Now that we are all working from home (thank you coronavirus…) the use of virtual technologies like Google Hangouts, Webex and of course the ever popular Zoom has exploded.

Relative newcomer, Zoom, in particular has been skyrocketing in growth over the past few years based on it’s easy to install, easy to use and affordable video conferencing platform. It IPO’d in 2019 and experienced a fantastic year of growth, more than doubling their 2018 revenue.

Having once met CEO Eric Yuan I was awestruck by his humble yet confident demeanor. He was extremely approachable and appeared to have a laser focus on what he was trying to do with his company.

Moreover, having used their product, I can attest that Zoom is extremely easy to use (far simpler than industry leader Cisco Webex and even Skype) and pretty darn cool.

More fascinating than all of that (which is pretty good in and of itself), Zoom has one of the cooler features I’ve seen lately and that is the ability to change your background to a custom image (until recently, Google Meet didn’t even have this feature).

In other words, you can superimpose a different image of your physical background to your fellow conference attendees. Think green screen in movies here. In fact, here’s a video to demonstrate:

This feature is badass!

Oddly, this feature has become wildly popular (and arguably more important) with the massive quarantines that have sent millions of workers home to work.

I suspect this phenomenon is due in part to two things:

  1. Many people don’t have a proper home office and might be a little embarrassed they are hunkered down in the kids nursery (I have an employee that is dealing with this situation…don’t worry I didn’t give him any crap about. These are weird times).
  2. People are desperate for some levity; something to take their mind off the difficult situation we are all presently in…




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