5 Tips When Renting from Hertz That Won’t Get You Arrested

2 min readMar 22, 2023
5 Tips When Renting from Hertz That Won't Get You Arrested

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — With the very real risk of being arrested when renting from Hertz, one blogger unveils five practical tips to deploy the next time you rent from the now-tarnished brand.

After numerous reports of folks literally being arrested after renting from the rental car juggernaut Hertz, one travel blogger has unveiled his tips to avoid being arrested after your next trip.

Caydon McDickerson, the famed TikTok influencer and travel blogger shared his thoughts on how to avoid being arrested on your next car rental experience with Hertz. We’ve transcribed his thoughts for you below because TikTok is stupid.

- Rent from National

- Take the scanner from the Hertz attendant’s hand and check the car in yourself, film yourself while doing it, then share the video on as many social media platforms as possible

- Commit a crime greater than car theft during your Hertz Rental — you may get arrested, but at least it won’t be for renting a car

- Drop the car off at the CEO’s house instead when returning it, then hold him hostage until you get a receipt

- Join the police force of the city you returned the car in and then rip up the warrant when it comes in




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