Wealthy white woman flies Southwest, hilarity ensues

A wealthy white woman decides to skip private and fly the Greyhound of the sky: “There are no seat assignments just a lot of passive-aggressive purses placed on the seats.”

And she shared her experience via a YouTube short. We are in tears over here. Your thoughts, dear reader?

Comedian Leah Rudick is pretty funny and creates a lot of this sort of content. According to her bio, she, “…is an actor, writer & comedian based in Los Angeles. Her viral comedy and character videos have amassed her nearly one million followers and counting on TikTok & Instagram.”

You should definitely follow her.



Experts predict that Thanksgiving travel is (checks notes)...going to totally suck

LITERALLY ANYWHERE, US — In a shocking admission, travel experts are predicting that Thanksgiving travel this year is going to be exactly like it is every year…fricking horrible.

Mix cold weather, an unhealthy desire to time with people you love, time off from work, and the opportunity to eat cranberry sauce and what do you get? The worst time to travel.

Travel experts across the world are predicting that travel this Thanksgiving weekend is going to be exactly like it is literally every other year: an absolute shitshow.

That’s it. That’s the article. Good luck out there.

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