Biden taking hot air balloon to Queen’s funeral

Biden taking hot air balloon to Queen's funeral

LONDON — In a bid to help the environment, US President Joe Biden is taking a hot air balloon to the Queen’s funeral in London. In a ballon dubbed Green One, the president began his journey early this morning and is accompanied by a fleet of hot air balloons with various secret service and support staff in tow.

After world leaders received instructions to avoid or minimize the use of private aircraft as they traveled in for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral United States President Joe Biden was happy to unveil a new form of environmentally-friendly presidential travel: a fleet of hot air balloons.

In a balloon dubbed Green One, the President is flying solo in his own balloon after he reminded everyone that he used to take a hot air balloon down from Deleware to DC throughout the eighties. Accompanying him in a fleet of separate balloons are various staffers, aides and secret service personnel as well as two F-18’s who plan to do circles around the balloon on the 45-day journey.

The president began the historic day by addressing a small crowd of staffers and aides. “For the first time in over 700 years, an American Vice President will traverse the Mediterannean Ocean, uh, Sea, in a hot air balloon. I am proud to make the trip for the Queen’s birthday.”

Upon arriving in London the president will rent a Lime e-scooter to zip over to the funeral proceedings.


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