Boarding Area Blog Names Delta “Best Airline Starting with ‘D’ and Ending in “elta”

3 min readJul 7, 2022


Boarding Area Blog Names Delta “Best Airline Starting with ‘D’ and Ending in “elta”

LOS ANGELES, CA — Look out, The Points Guy. Another blog might be trying to chock block the wheels on your special relationship with Delta Air Lines.

Eye of the Flyer Bestows Delta With Unique Award

Boarding Area blog Eye of the Flyer (which used to be Rene’s Points, which used to be Delta Points) has named Delta the “Best Airline Starting with ‘D’ and Ending in ‘elta.’”

Site owner Chris Carley (who never tires of bragging he worked for William Shatner) made the announcement earlier this morning.

The blog has long focused on Delta-related topics, like the Delta Amex cards, Delta food, the Delta Amex cards, Delta alcoholic beverages, the Delta Amex cards, Delta Sky Clubs, the Delta Amex cards, Delta seats, the Delta Amex cards, and mileage runs for people yearning to earn Delta Medallion status.

Eye of the Flyer also discusses Delta Amex cards.

“Do you see the crazy access The Points Guy gets for naming Delta the Best Airline or Best Passenger Points or whatever they award Delta?” Carley said.

A Delta Air Lines jet is now inscribed with “Eye of the Flyer” and an arrow near the boarding door where official awards are displayed on an “America’s Most Award Airline” posted. In addition to The Points Guy, outlets such as Travel Weekly, Condé Nast Traveler, and Fortune are also featured.

A source told us Carley himself used a blue Sharpie to draw the message on the side of the plane prior to a Delta flight bound for Minneapolis. He was allegedly denied boarding and taken into custody for defacing a commercial aircraft.

Carley refused to confirm or deny that report. He instead referred us to his attorney, Dennis Crane based out of Boston whom he claims specializes in FAA-related lawsuits. We couldn’t find such an attorney that exists (at least, in real life).

When asked why he didn’t just name Delta the best overall airline, Carley said, “We might change our mind if another airline gives preferential treatment. We don’t want to alienate Spirit, Frontier, or someone desperate for good publicity. They might give us some free flights or cabin tours or access to their low-level employees. There’s something to be said for that.”

Carley wouldn’t comment when asked if there were any truth to the rumors the blog will soon name Virgin Atlantic the “Best Airline Starting with ‘V’ and Ending in ‘irgin Atlantic.”

The blog’s original founder and occasional writer Rene de Lambert couldn’t be reached for comment.

“He’s on a Norwegian cruise,” Carley explained, “and his onboard butler is refusing all calls on his behalf. He’s not even talking to me. But you should try calling him and saying you’re Gary Leff or Ben Schlappig. That’s worked for me a couple of times.”

Editor’s note: we know Chris and Rene and we like the fact they are good sports about the piss getting taken out of them every once in a while. Also, anyone who knows the guy who made Boston Legal watchable is ok in our book. We. Love. Bill.




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