During this travel slowdown I’m updating older posts using the Keyword Golden Ratio methodology

2 min readApr 16, 2020

This travel crunch has many travel bloggers hurting for traffic. However, instead of letting that get me down I am focusing on updating older posts using the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) methodology. Here are the highlights of this technique I’ve only recently learned about from the NicheSiteProject:

  1. Find an older post you are ranking for already (doesn’t have to be first page)
  2. Using your primary search term use a tool like KeySearch or Ahrefs and find related keywords
  3. Filter those related keywords down based on search volumes below 250/mo
  4. Then take that filtered list of keywords and conduct allintitle searches on them. This will tell you how many keywords are actually used in any published posts for that keyword
  5. Take that result and do some math! Divide the monthly search volume for the keyword by the number of allintitle results. If the number is less than .25 you have found a Golden Keyword according to the Niche Site Project, which means you should be able to rank for it fairly quickly!
  6. Update your post to include that new keyword (you probably only need one or two mentions)
  7. Resubmit your post to Google Search for re-indexing




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