Exorbitant Christmas wish list catches travel hacker parent by surprise

Exorbitant Christmas wish list catches travel hacker parent by surprise

LAFAYETTE, IN — Grimshoe Elementary teacher and self-professed miles and points hobbyist Heather Robinson was shocked when she read her son’s crazy Christmas wish list.

Hunter Robinson, a 5th grader at Grimshoe Elementary, handed his Christmas wish list to his mom first thing on November 1. “She told me to write my wish list early so that she can figure out which credit card she should use for the maximum points. I know how it works. And listen, the Santa jig is up.”

Heather explains, “Hunter’s Christmas wish list is not normal for a 10-year-old boy. His #1 item is a trip to Bora Bora in first class, staying in an overwater bungalow!”

Hunter’s other wish list items include a weekend in Paris staying at the Hyatt Paris Vendome, a few days in Costa Rica, a short trip to Washington D.C. to stay at the St. Regis, and a trip to NYC to see Six.

“I don’t know where Hunter gets the nerve to ask for such extravagant gifts. I mean sure, we flew to New York City last year on his birthday to see Hamilton. And the year before that, we went to Disney World for Christmas and took seven other short vacations that year. But this list is too much!”

Hunter stands by his wish list. ”Earlier this year, my parents left me with Grandma while they traveled to the Maldives. I saw their photos. Their overwater bungalow was savage and gave me major FOMO. I’m not trying to be extra, but I know my mom’s stash of miles makes her boujee.”

“I have no one to blame but myself,” laments Heather. “I created this. We’ve enjoyed the high life these past few years since I started collecting miles and points from credit card bonuses, and now it’s too late to turn back. I was hoping that Legos and Transformers would make his wish list, but it looks like I’ve got some award booking to do.”

Hunter’s dad, Spencer, just shrugs. “I have no idea how any of this works. I just say ‘yes dear’ to whatever trip she is planning and take her word for it that we’re not going into major debt. Her travel voodoo put me and my dudes up at a fancy hotel in Cancun for a guy’s trip. So, I just use whatever credit card she tells me to, and stay out of it.”


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