Hide your Home Office with Free Cisco Webex Backgrounds

8 min readMay 3, 2020

Are you one of the many employees using Cisco’s Webex platform for your daily video conference calls? Like other similar platforms, you can use a custom Webex virtual background and we’ve got oodles of them. Here’s our massive collective of free Webex backgrounds.

While all of your friends are using cool video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams you and your coworkers are over here using Webex. Yup, good ole fashioned, boring Webex.

Well actually, while Webex is one of the longtime participants in the virtual meeting experience (formerly known as the “conference calls”), they’ve greatly enhanced their platform in recent years and still offer a strong solution for many businesses. A sizable percentage of quarantined employees are using Webex every single day.

Changing your virtual background is so hot right now

Virtual Backgrounds are incredibly popular right now as employees who didn’t normally work from home were suddenly forced into a home office environment. Many didn’t have a dedicated office or the right gear and accessories to really work from home. To help hide the fact they were in a messy kitchen or in a grungy basement, employees latched on to a popular Zoom feature that allows you to change your background from the baby’s nursery you are actually sitting in to something cool or funny like an image of a bar, or a modern office, or a stack of toilet paper.

This feature took off and several video conferencing platforms now offer this feature. We’ve provided large repositories of free virtual meeting background for different platforms including:

Now it’s time for Webex. Indeed, Cisco does allow you to change your virtual background on the Webex platform. We explain how to change a Webex background, discuss any limitations or considerations, and most importantly, provide a massive collection of free Webex backgrounds!

Cisco Webex Video Conferencing — it’s not too bad




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