To save money hotel now cleaning rooms every 5th guest — and only if you ask

2 min readApr 3, 2023
To save money hotel now cleaning rooms every 5th guest - and only if you ask

NEW YORK, NY — In a bid to save costs, one hotel is rolling out a new hotel cleaning service that cleans its rooms after every 5th guest and only if the guest asks for said cleaning.

New York City’s Hyatt Hotel may have just cracked the code on keeping its cleaning bills to a reasonable number. As part of a new cost-cutting measure, the hotel will now only clean rooms for every 5th guest.

Jim Janson, the hotel’s General Manager, told our reporters, “Listen, we got used to the cost profile we deployed during the darkest months of the pandemic. With this new program, we can keep our costs down, keep our customer service levels exactly where we want them (poor), and ensure that our guest continue to hate us.”

Under the new model, guests who wish to have their room cleaned must fill out a 211-page form using a #2 pencil. The form must then be submitted via a courier service which charges a $39 delivery fee. If approved, guests will then have their room cleaned through a rigorous deep cleaning process that involves a maid spritzing the room with Windex, opening a window to air the room out, and replacing the soap with a fresh bar made by prisoners at a local jail.

Janson explained that the new program will allow him to only hire one maid to clean the entire 309-room hotel. The cost savings from the new program will allow the hotel to invest in a modernizing the in-room entertainment system by refreshing the adult movie options through a partnership with Cinemax.

Surprisingly, guests have been relatively chill about the new program. “I’m just glad they are cleaning room again,” said Frank Ponte, a business traveler who said he used to bring his own bedding and showered in a local homeless shelter to avoid catching scabies during his stays at the hotel. “It’s a step in the right direction, in my opinion.”




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