Travel blogger admits he doesn’t know who Richard Kerr is (or what Bilt is either)

2 min readApr 9, 2022


Travel blogger admits he doesn't know who Richard Kerr is (or what Bilt is either)

SAN DIEGO, CA — A unknown travel blogger recently shared with his 17 followers that he has no idea who Richard Kerr is, or what Bilt is. Confused by the recent “Bilt” controversy, the blogger spent 2 hours reading negative comments on a competitor’s blog and realized he can’t get that time back.

Kyle Swindell, a 39-year-0ld travel blogger was sitting in the gate area of the San Diego Airport scrolling through social media when he stumbled across a piece entitled, “How dare Bilt try to make money?” by a blogger he follows.

Unfamiliar with the term Bilt, he clicked into the piece and immediately spent the next 2 hours in a cesspool of hateful and negative comments about some new credit card program for people who are not smart enough to live in places that have cheaper rent.

As he followed the made-for-tv twists and turns of the “Bilt saga” he learned a new name: Richard Kerr.

Kerr is apparently an industry veteran and all-around nice guy, with a good reputation and a friendly smile. According to the hit job by a blogger who is obviously pissed they were not invited to the Moskito Island boondoggle, Kerr once mated with Satan and voted for Marjorie Taylor (even though he doesn’t live in her district).

Bilt, the company that dared to build a creatively average product was also raked over the coals by various bloggers, commenters, gripers, whiners, zealots, looky-loos, east-coast progressives, midwestern tea-partiers, and Oakland A’s fans.

As did those who wrote positive coverage about the Bilt card and failed to disclose their relationship with the company by hiring a skywriter and an army of sign-turners to let their readers know. This mistake may not necessarily be forgiven, it would seem.

For their part, the portion of the outraged blogging community that doesn’t make any money with their blogs may have a point: It’s not fair that other blogs, or companies for that matter, try to invent new products, or make money. That is unless their blogs also make money. Because self-righteousness and all that.

Swindell, who almost missed his boarding call for his flight because he was so engrossed in the hateful spite salad, has decided that Kerr probably is a good dude and that Bilt is probably could have handled their sponsorships a little better, and that bloggers who didn’t mail physical notices of their relationship with Bilt to their readers should definitely be forced to ride in middle seats for a few months. Also, chill the heck out.

Reportedly, only 2 of Swindell’s followers read his Tweet.




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