Traveler pretty sure her company provides rental car coverage, gets rental company’s insurance just in case

Traveler pretty sure her company provides rental car coverage, gets rental company's insurance just in case

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — Ginnie Walker tried to verify her company’s travel policy before picking up her rental car, but couldn’t get access to the company’s intranet page, so she opted for the rental car company’s coverage, just in case.

The 36-year-old Walker used to travel for work on a semi-regular basis before the pandemic, but after two years of very minimal travel she admitted she’s a bit rusty. This rustiness reared its head recently when picking up her rental car on a work trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Walker, couldn’t remember her company’s travel policy about rental car insurance as she picked up her keys from the Avis check-in counter, and when asked by the representative if she wanted the insurance she faltered for a minute.

After a furious and failed attempt to pull up her company’s policy via her phone, she realized she couldn’t access the intranet page without VPN access and became worried she might be responsible for damage to the car.

“This is Florida. The drivers suck here,” She was overheard remarking to the Avis agent who was more than happy to accommodate her request. “Most of the drivers are retirees from New York who never learned how to drive anyway. I am not paying for an accident!”

A fellow business traveler in the line behind Walker attempted to see if the now flustered Walker had any credit cards that offered coverage, but Walker was resolute.

“Hey, if she wants to waste money, go for it. It’s America,” remarked the woman attempting to intervene.


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