DEVELOPING: Flights Canceled After TSA Detains Thousands at US Airports When Passengers Say “Bomb” 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This reporter was in Washington, D.C., to observe the madness that is the Speaker of the House election when he heard of a major development at airports across the country.

A government source told me that overeager TSA officers detained thousands of passengers at airports across the country after hearing them say the word “bomb.”

It was later determined most of the passengers were traveling to California and worried they’d be affected by the weather situation known as a “bomb cyclone.”

Extra boxes of rubber gloves and water-based jelly were seen being delivered to airports in New York, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, and Jackson Hole.

The post you are reading is…satire. Happy traveling y’all



Airbnb host asks guest to pay their actual mortgage, remodel basement, and father a few of their children

SEATTLE, WA — An Airbnb host is making waves after experimenting with new fees and up-charges at their Puget Sound bungalow. After asking guests to literally pay their actual mortgage directly to the bank, remodel the basement, and father a few children the host was featured on Airbnb’s “Most Innovative Hosts of 2022” list.

The cute mid-century modern home overlooks the sound and was built in the early 60s. It’s advertised for $299 a night, however, after taxes, cleaning fees, college tuition for the new children, the basement remodel and 3 months of mortgage payments, the 3-night stay came out to $293,568 — a competitive price for a Pacific Northwest Airbnb rental.

Thus far the property has been booked solid.




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